United Arab Emirates (UAE) players Waheed Ahmad and Shafaqat Ali have been banned from all cricket for a respective period of eight years and ten years after the Emirates Cricket Board’s Anti-Corruption Unit found them guilty of breaching the Emirates Cricket Anti-Corruption Code.

The bans are backdated to 10 June 2021, when they were provisionally suspended for attempting to corrupt matches of the Emirates Cricket Board’s (Domestic) D10 2021 in Sharjah, UAE.

Following a full hearing and presentation of written and oral argument, the ECB ACU found Ahmad guilty of 3 breaches and Ali guilty of 5 breaches specific to;

Article 2.1.3 - Seeking, accepting, offering or agreeing to accept any bribe or other Reward to: (a) fix or to contrive in any way or otherwise to influence improperly the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of any International Match; or (b) ensure for Betting or other corrupt purposes the occurrence of a particular incident in an International Match

Article 2.1.4 - Directly or indirectly soliciting, inducing, enticing, instructing, persuading, encouraging or intentionally facilitating any Participant to breach any of the foregoing provisions of this Article 2.1

Article 2.4.5 - Failing to disclose to the ACU (without unnecessary delay) full details of any approaches or invitations you received to engage in conduct that would amount to Corrupt Conduct under the Code by another Participant, including (without limitation) approaches or invitations that have been received by another Participant to engage in Corrupt Conduct under the Anti-Corruption Code

Both Ahmad and Ali confirmed they have received training in and are aware of Emirates Cricket’s Anti-Corruption Code. Both formally admitted their respective breaches of the above Code provisions. Both waived their rights to a hearing before the Anti-Corruption Tribunal and have accepted their sanctions.

Lieutenant Colonel (Rt.) Muhammad Azam Khan, Emirates Cricket Board’s Head of Security and Anti-Corruption, said, “Emirates Cricket has implemented and conducts extensive education programs for our players, at all levels. and expects that they will abide by the code and refrain from any corrupt conduct in the game.” “Emirates Cricket follows zero tolerance towards corruption in cricket and anyone found guilty will be strictly and swiftly dealt with.”

This decision is pursuant to Article 5.1.12 of the ECB Anti-Corruption Code. There is no need for any further hearing in these proceedings, which are now deemed close with no further communication entered into by any party involved.

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The decision on sanctions (which has been redacted to protect the identities of witnesses and other third parties) is availablhere and here.